Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 02/25/2005

Laughternoon, starring Adam London

By Chuck Rounds

"Chippendales, The Show" and the Ultimate Girls’ Night Out is now being featured inside the Chippendale Theatre at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. This all-male revue is definitely geared to please the female audience members, and the Chippendale boys do their best to play out a plethora of fantasies for these women. Through their dancing and role-playing, these men keep their audience in a frenzy for most of the evening. The show features 12 physically perfect male dancers who delight the audience with a series of disarmingly sexy routines. Designed for women, the show artistically encapsulates a wide range of female fantasies to provide a sensuous and fast-paced performance that offers the perfect blend of music, hot dance moves, and sensual theatrics.

The Chippendale's name is a brand name that is recognized all over the world and is synonymous with gorgeous and perfect men entertaining women with their sexy stylings of dance. The Chippendale dancers were established in 1979, and since then, they have continually been able to fascinate and intrigue women in clubs and shows on a global scale.

It is truly amazing to watch these audiences go absolutely insane over these guys. If men acted in a similar fashion in a female revue, they'd be kicked out of the place. For the most part, the women seem to have an easier time at just cutting loose and letting themselves have a good time. They also seem to have an easier time at separating out the reality and the fantasy. They know that this show is just for fun, and they are aware of the role that they are supposed to be playing here.

There is also the sense that sometimes these women are laughing "at" the men rather than laughing "with" them. They see the absurdity of it all. There are many occasions in which the performer is simulating a sex act or some form of masturbation, and the audiences are caught between half screaming and half laughing at the scene...but that is all part of the fun.

The new venue at the Rio works exceedingly well for the show. It was specially built for their needs and is flexible enough to accommodate some very nice surprises in the show as well. The space is very well appointed and is technically and visually spectacular.

As for the show itself, it is, in fact, very well done. It is not a strip show; it is a production. The men are fun to watch. They are good dancers---not great, but no one cares. They execute their numbers very well, and the progression of the show is such that it keeps their audience intrigued and engaged. The performers know their audience and work them very well. This show is going to be around for a long time.

Of the male revues that are out there, "Chippendale's" is the best of the lot.

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