Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 11/05/2018

Laughternoon, starring Adam London

By Chuck Rounds

"Friends! The Musical Parody," is playing inside the showroom at the D Las Vegas. It works to be an overall recap of the successful sit-com - set to music. Producers are counting on that show's success to fuel this production and draw in audience members. Sadly, the show doesn't work on so many levels that I wouldn't be surprised if it closes by Christmas.

The main problem with the show is core essence of the show - the parody. By the time the Friends series ended, each of the characters in the show was pretty much a parody of themselves anyway. Each character had established their own quirks and catch phrases..,they were caricatures of themselves and the characters that they had established. Now this production is doing caricatures of the caricatures. It's a mess.

It's a shame because you can tell that this is a talented cast. They are good actors, good singers, and they move well. The songs are well done..,the script is, of course, a complete rehash of the sit-com, so anyone that knows the series, knows this show. Unfortunately, the show was directed very poorly. None of the actors found that balance between playing the comedy, the reality, and the overacting. There was only one member of the cast that seemed to find that balance, but it wasn't enough to carry the show. Sadly, the director didn't recognize the need for this balance.

I understand why the producers wanted to put this show together. They wanted to capitalize on the success of the series. It's understandable. The script is what it is, the songs are good. The cast is talented. It seems like it would be a good idea. The execution, though, is horrible. The best laugh lines are stomped on or run over. The only audience that this production would work for is the completely die hard, had the posters, bought the lunchbox, memorized the lines kind of fan. This production may work for them, but the show doesn't work as a show itself..,for the general public.

We want quality productions in this town. We want to see new shows. We want those people that are willing to take a risk, and bring us a new production. I commend these folks on the effort. I just need the show to work as a standalone show..,not propped up by series to which we may or may not have a connection.