Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 01/12/2018

Laughternoon, starring Adam London

By Chuck Rounds

Laughternoon, starring Adam London, is playing in the showroom at the D Hotel & Casino. This is a comedy magic show that is great for the entire family. It is a simple and easy show to see, and a great way to entertain the family-especially on those hot summer Vegas days. The showroom is small and intimate, and London's personality makes it easy to create a great relationship with the audience.

Sometimes we like simple and easy. No special effects, no big sets or spinning lights, no booming music...just talent. Simple. As soon as you meet're his friend...simple. He immediately establishes a great rapport with the audience, and you enjoy the stories, the jokes, and the magic. The show lasts about an hour. If you get there early, you can watch a bunch of funny videos. Easy.

The magic in the show is all close-up magic... Which, first of all, is my favorite kind of magic, and secondly, I believe is the toughest types of tricks to accomplish. London is exceedingly adept at this, and he does it with a pleasant delight...which I mention because I have seen so many magicians that believe they are magical and come off with such seriousness and severity that it is off-putting.

And the jokes and stories are, of course, all family friendly as well...with a few that only the adults will get. It's just part of the fun.

The showroom is small and intimate. It feels as if you are being welcomed into someone's living room, rather than a theater.

This is a fun little show. And if you pay full price, then you aren't trying very hard. There are discounts for this show everywhere. It's good for the entire family.