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BODIES: The Exhibition
Note: Now at the Luxor
"BODIES...THE EXHIBITION" at the Tropicana is unique entertainment for Las Vegas. There are no show girls balancing fancy headpieces as they make their way down shiny stairs. There are no circus performers flying through space or tumbling around a stage. There are no singers, dancers, or trained animals. The only real similarity between "Bodies" and other Vegas shows is the magic. However, the magic in this show is the use of science to present to the audience something unique only to those in medical school---the inner, unseen parts of our human selves. Sounds gross, doesn't it. But, the show is not gross; it is extremely intriguing.
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Donny and Marie
Donny & Marie Osmond are playing in the main showroom at the Flamingo Hotel. What started out as a six-month contract has turned into a five year residency with one extension after another. The show has become a tremendous hit and is well recognized as being one of the best shows in Las Vegas. The pair has proven themselves to be outstanding additions to the Strip, and their show should be enjoyed by everyone.
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Gerry McCambridge
Mentalist Gerry McCambridge is performing at the V2 showroom inside the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood. His show is centered around tricks and illusions that are geared to mess with people's minds-part magic, part psychic, part hypnotist, and part statistical analyst. "Mentalism is the art of riding the fine line between intuition and illusion," says McCambridge. "How much of each I use in a particular routine is my secret." For the most part, he does "tell" us how the gimmicks are done...with enough omission in order to keep us guessing. He tells us what is happening, but he doesn't really tell us, if that makes sense. The show is an amusing escape with plenty of different elements to keep us engaged. The routines in his show oftentimes remind me of what would be considered parlor tricks.
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