Chuck's Favorites by Category

by Chuck Rounds

Favorite Five - Family

The World's Greatest Magic show
It is a variety show of magicians. Big illusions, little illusions, sleight-of-hand, animals and people are all included in this extravaganza of magic. If you're not fond of one magician, all you have to do is to wait ten-minutes, but that will probably not be the case since each of the performers does a great job in the time that they are allotted. The theatre at the Greek Isles is a great intimate space as well.

Mac King
The comedy magic of Mac King is probably one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Vegas. The brilliance of the show lies in both its simplicity and in the talent of the performer. There are no big sets or special effects; it is just Mac King with a few small objects and his wonderful sense of comedy. Held inside the comedy club at Harrah's, the show offers an up-close and personal magical experience. Audiences are continually amused and amazed by Mac King.

Tournament of Kings
This show is a fantasy come true for any adolescent, teen, or adult that has had visions of knights in shining armour, medieval battles, feasts, or festivals. It is an eat-with-your-fingers frolic as you as you cheer on your favorite king. The horses and horsemanship will thrill you, and the jousts and swordplay will delight the whole family.

"V," which stands for the ultimate variety show, truly has something for everyone. This show, made up of entirely variety acts, is always entertaining and engaging?and if there happens to be an act that you don't care for?then wait ten minutes. Variety artists have always been able to quickly capture the attention of the audience and give them a thrill. The acts rotate through the week, so you never know exactly what you are getting, but whatever it is, it is going to be fun.

Built around human potential, "Mystere" shows off the abilities of a cast of amazing performers. You walk away from the production wondering and muttering, "how is it possible?" The show can oftentimes be overwhelming and going back to this show time and time again is almost necessary to be able to absorb it all.

Favorite Five - Sexiest

Showgirls of Magic
Yes, it is a bit cheesy. It is a low budget show. However, it has never ceased to entertain. The topless showgirl magicians have to be one of those must see shows, just because it is so kitschy. I have probably seen this show more than any other show in Vegas, and I have never left without having enjoyed myself. There are variety acts that are interspersed throughout the show, and surprisingly enough, these are some of the best acts in town. Producers have made it easy for these performers to work in this production as a second job?so they have attracted the best. The fate of this show is also in question since the Hooters Company has bought the property and this show may be leaving soon, so see it now.

Now playing inside the "V" theatre at the Desert passage mall inside the Aladdin, this show has had to work on creatively solving the problem of still remaining sexy without actually being able to go topless. The venue simply doesn't have that type of license. There was the worry that instead of "X" the show would have to be called "PG-13," but this is not the case. The company has done a great job at keeping the sex without the skin.

Cirque du Soleil's exploration into sex and sexuality is a production the likes you will probably never get to experience again. Cirque productions are known throughout the world for their ability to go far beyond the perameters of standard production shows in creativity, imagination, and production values. "Zumanity" is no different. The audience will be amazed at the abilities of the performers and astonished at the variety of the themes contained within this production. You will never look at sex and sexuality in the same way again.

The Fashionistas
This is a smart, sexy provocative production that will cause your jaw to drop open and wonder. It is a multi-sensory experience that has a multitude of things going on all at once. At times, you are completely surrounds by the experience as it gyrates all around you. Adult film director, John Stagliano, who always wanted to put on a dance show, put the show together. His ability to translate his screen vision from film to stage is done extremely well. This has some of the best dancing of any show in town. It is not topless, but it certainly is an adult show.

The Thunder from Down Under
Perfectly cut men who can dance?it almost seems like an oxymoron, but the Thunder men pull it off. Good production values, good dancing, and sheer boldness on the part of the performers; make this show the sexiest male review out there. They put their cheeks into their cheekiness and are certainly out there to please their almost completely female crowd. If you're a man that happens to get dragged to this production, there is sheer joy derived from watching the insanity of these women.

Favortie Five - Free

Show in the Sky
The best of all the free shows. It is an actual stage production show with glitz and floats that tract across the ceiling of the Rio Hotel. There are several differently themed shows, but they all follow the same format?a series of vigorously danced production numbers with decent costumes and sets while the floats move overhead with additional dancers entertaining the casino. At the end of the show, the members on the floats toss plastic beads to the audience. It is just as entertaining to watch all of the people scramble for these trinkets, as it is to actually catch one. One would think that these necklaces are pearls or diamonds the way audience members fight over them.

Fountains at Bellagio
These fountains have become synonymous with Las Vegas itself. They appear in most of the ads about the city and are a much more classy vision of the free attraction. The fountains are big beautiful, stylish, elegant. They are visually and audibly stimulating, and just a lot of fun to watch. The only downfall with the fountains are when cars start blocking the street as they stop and attemp to watch the show from the middle of the road.

Fremont St. Experience
Okay, I admit it. I like the Fremont Street Experience. It has been voted the worst free attraction for many years in a row, but disagree. I think that it is wonderful that this canopy creates a shaded walking mall during the day and turns into a fun attraction at night. The sheer size of it is awesome, and the music and lights make up a fun amusement that occurs every hour after nightfall. It is like the Stratosphere Tower?it has been called the ugliest building, but I feel that the tower is wonderful to look at throughout the city and helps define our skyline.

There are a number of lounges that offer free entertainment with bands and singers. You can find a free lounge in just about every hotel in the city. There are, though, some that are better than others. My favorites are the lounges in the Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Boulder Station, Tropicana, and the Sahara.

Air Play
In the afternoon and evening hours, you can experience a mini-variety show in the middle of the casino. The acts often change so you really don't know whom you'll be seeing, but of all of the various combinations I've seen, they have always been entertaining. There are usually some dancers, and usually an aerialist act.

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