Chuck's Show Rankings

by Chuck Rounds

Top Ten Las Vegas Shows (Updated April 2010)

Le Reve
"Le Reve: A Small Collection of Imperfect Dreams" is playing inside the Le Reve Theatre at the Wynn Las Vegas. This show has been one of my favorites on the Strip for years. It is brilliant in so many ways, and I am happy to see it again and again. There is a constant process of revising and making changes to show in order to make it better, and while sometimes I disagree with some of the changes that are made, I appreciate the consistent effort. Created by Franco Dragone, this show is an amazing adventure into a surreal avant-garde world that is stunning, dynamic, sensual, and thrilling. The cast is exceptional. The theatre is stunning, and the music is outstanding.

  After more than 10 years, the show has managed to stay in top form. Built around human potential, "Mystere" shows off the abilities of a cast of amazing performers. You walk away from the production wondering and muttering, "How is it possible?" The show can oftentimes be overwhelming and going back to this show time and time again is almost necessary to be able to absorb it all. There are moments when the show is awe-inspiring and filled with wonder. It is as amazing as it has always been. It seems that, no matter how many times you see it, there is still always something new to find within this production. The production creates a visual fantasia and shows us that sometimes the impossible is, in fact, possible.

Vinnie Favarito
Quick-witted and hilarious, Favarito fills the night with non-stop laughter as he plays on current events and preys on the audience. He has found a home at the Bugsy Theatre in the Flamingo, and from the quality of his work, he will be there a long time. Favarito seems to have a talent for seeking out and finding the humor within us all. No one is safe in the audience; they are all potential comic fodder for Favarito.

Mac King
The comedy magic of Mac King is probably one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Vegas. The brilliance of the show lies in both its simplicity and in the talent of the performer. There are no big sets or special effects; it is just Mac King with a few small objects and his wonderful sense of comedy. Held inside the showroom at Harrah’s, the show offers an up-close and personal magical experience. Audiences are continually amused and amazed by Mac King. It is also one of the best bargains in town.

Jersey Boys
Ok, here it is. This is the best show that I've seen in a long time. It's the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and the music, the story, the acting, singing, setting, and execution of everything was just absolutely wonderful...and it was so good the first time, that three days later, I went and saw it a second time. I don't often simply rave about a show and so this is a welcome reprieve from my usual blather. Perhaps it is my background in legitimate theatre that brings this musical out as a welcome sight amongst all of the production shows here in Vegas.

Jubilee!, created by Donn Arden, is the classic Vegas showgirl extravaganza: a spectacular theatrical production featuring gorgeous dancers in stunning, rhinestone- and sequin-studded costumes that leave little to the imagination! These lovely ladies are voted the best showgirls in Vegas year after year. Jubilee! also features a talented cast of singers performing tunes from the likes of Cole Porter and the Gershwins, thrilling variety acts and over-the-top Sin City excess, best exemplified by the on-stage sinking of the Titanic.

"Matsuri" is back! "Matsuri" is the number one production in Japan, and it has come to Las Vegas and is performing in the showroom at the Imperial Palace. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. It is an amazing production that is filled with athletics, acrobatics, dancing, and Japanese tradition. The most prominent attribute to the production, however, is the pervasive joy that is permeated throughout the theatre. This troupe of high-energy performers does a stellar job at keeping things lively and vibrant.

Sin City Bad Girls  Starring Lorena Peril
"Sin City Bad Girls" playing inside the Shimmer Cabaret at the Las Vegas Hilton. This is the best and most creative adult review that's in town today. The small cast, small stage and the limited support in technical areas caused this show to excel in talent and creativity. The show is well thought out, well executed, and the talent really shines through. Since the show opened, it has just solidified and gotten better. The adult review genre has been languishing in recent years, and it is nice to see something of quality finally come through. Michael Chambers directed and choreographed this show, and he should be proud of his results.

V The Ultimate Variety Show
 "V" is a great evening that showcases the talents of some of the best variety acts in town. The evening moves very quickly from one entertaining element to another, and the show covers a large assortment of elements: magic, comedy, juggling, and other wonderful surprises. While maintaining a core of people for the show, some of the acts rotate throughout the week, allowing them to still perform in their regular gigs on the Strip.

Penn and Teller
Comedians, magicians and professional skeptics, Penn & Teller break all the rules. They show how the tricks are done. They play with fire. They juggle broken bottles. They point loaded guns at each other. This edgy show blends amazing illusions, sly humor and Vegas-sized showmanship to make you forget everything you think you know about magic. The "Bad Boys of Magic" will show you how they construct their tricks - and still manage to leave you amazed.

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