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Las Vegas Show Reviews

Here you will find Las Vegas Show reviews written by Chuck Rounds. Use Top Menu to find the review you are looking for. Also be sure to read Chuck's monthly Las Vegas Entertainment Newsletter.

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'IMAGINARIUM' is Las Vegas' newest illusion spectacular starring David Goldrake playing inside the showroom at the Tropicana Las Vegas. This show combines classic magic with circus performers, and is supported by a large LED wall to create all of the settings. Magic is a tough gig. A magic show in Las Vegas is a far tougher gig. We have seen all of the best magicians in the world, and to bring something unique to this town is very difficult. And while Goldrake performs all of his illusions adeptly, there is very little that is truly exceptional to his show. Having said that, 'IMAGINARIUM' does fill the absence of a good basic magic show in Las Vegas.
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Human Nature
Human Nature is playing in the newly named "Human Nature Theatre" at the Imperial Palace. Human Nature is an Australian vocal pop group that sings the hits of Motown. With the endorsement of Smoky Robinson, the group has just successfully celebrated their one-year anniversary and has signed on for an additional two-year run. The songbook of Motown seems to be a perfect vehicle for this quartet of singers. It seems impossible to not like what you see and hear.
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Recycled Percussion
Note: Now playing at Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood.
Recycled Percussion is playing in the main showroom at the Quad. It is a fun, interactive, high-energy show that gets everyone involved. Upon entering the theater, everyone gets to pick out and "instrument" along with a drumstick and play along with the show... (Granted, all of the instruments are pots, pans, and a collection of other such things.) The showroom does get loud at times when people are just randomly banging away. The show is very family friendly and is great for your teenagers. (Not something that can be said of many other shows on the Strip.)
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